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we provide cane furniture in jamshedpur according to daily routine requirement which will be created by proffessional carpentor. Artifacts of natural cane & bamboo and other trees stylish and aesthetically designed for many domestic usage in full range in interior decor. This has been the craftsmanship of OCH � striving hard to offer a generous eco-friendly ambience to live with. All items of OCH are ethnically carved to set a very special mood and essence of the nature around you yet very reasonably priced. Special care is taken towards durability.

Our products bear the hallmark of our quality and design standards. Our products have established their niche on platforms of design and utility. The range mainly includes Wooden Beds and bedsides, Wooden Dinning Sets, Roomsets, Wooden stair-case and all other furniture items .

We have wide vareities of tents and accessories to make your event special. We can provide everything that may be needed to make the fall ceiling with comforts.
The traditional collection of our ceiling is ideal for home and office.


Decora Design partitions are manufactured under strict quality controls from premium grade aluminium. Unique features of the system include slimline profiles with fully segregated 3 cavity cable ducting that accommodates all power and communication wiring. Decora comes with compatible extras - glazing wedges, steel studding and all fixings. Glass doors are available to order. If required independent installers can be recommended to price your project.

Our free standing wall partitions act as a glass cubicle, making it easy to divide office sections without taking up the entire vertical space. It is available in single glazed or double glazed glass panels, with endless options for total customization.

A sheetrock or wood ceiling gives us the best chance at a remarkable outcome. The heavier the ceiling the better we are able to stop noise. To effectively create a quiet ceiling, there are some questions that need to be answered. Our first step is to clearly establish your goals for the ceiling soundproofing project. We need to know what the noise source is and where it is coming from; are you affected by footstep noise from above or just voices/tv/stereo? When we have the above information, we can move to the solution phase..